Dear Sweet February

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Welcome February! January has exited the stage. February makes its annual debut offering red rose bouquets, chocolate hearts, and unpredictable weather. This is the month, dear gardening friends, that we dream of warm soil and dirty hands!
February is the month to plan this year’s gardens. Planning now will save time and frustration in the future. How well do you know your garden?
In what zone is the garden located? What is the sun exposure (full sun, part sun/shade, full shade)? What is the condition and pH (alkaline/acidic) of the soil? Are you intending to attract butterflies and hummingbirds; but deter mosquitos, and deer, and rabbits? Rabbits…oh, those adorably destructive creatures. What plants work well together? Are you planting annuals, perennials, or both? So many questions and things to consider. Good thing you are planning early!
Consider the bloom time of your flowers. A practical gardener chooses perennials knowing their bloom times. She will plant so as one fades another is ready to step in to steal the show. Then she’ll sprinkle in an assortment of annuals who, though they only last one season, bloom like there’s no tomorrow!
Technology is our friend this month. So much information is available only a mouse click away. Research, research, research. Read, read, read!
“What are the best full sun perennials in a zone 6 garden?” “What perennials attract butterflies?” “What plants grow well under Black Walnut trees?” (Black Walnut Toxicity is “a thing”. Who knew?)
Dear sweet, short February, one month closer to buds on the peach trees, and purple crocuses underfoot; you will inspire us to our best gardens yet!

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